June 12-29: Palestinians abduct and kill three Israeli teens. Israel quickly discovers that teens have been murdered and who was responsible (a rogue Hamas clan). But use the abductions as pretext to start a massive crackdown on Hamas in the West Bank. Israeli media receives a gag order to keep these facts from the Israeli population. 1,600 raids are conducted on Palestinian houses, businesses, aid organizations, and media organization. Millions of dollars in damage to properties and goods. Millions of dollars in goods confiscated. Cities are shut down for hours. 700 Palestinians are arrested (including Hamas militants that were released under the previous ceasefire deal). A dozen Palestinians are killed, hundreds are wounded. Israel bombs the Gaza strip multiple times in June. Meanwhile there’s a small increase in rocket attacks but nothing major.

June 30: Bodies of teens are found.

June 30 - July 7: Israel starts daily bombings of the Gaza strip. Rocket attacks increase significantly at the same time.

July 2: Israeli civilians organize reprisals against Palestinians. Palestinian teen burned alive.

July 4: Hamas signals interest in ceasefire.

July 7: Six Hamas militants are killed in bombardment. Hamas officially starts retaliating.

July 8: Israel starts Gaza offensive.

July 14: Egypt, Palestinian Authority and Israel negotiate unconditional ceasefire. Hamas not involved in any discussions. Hamas refuses ceasefire.

July 15: Israeli volunteer distributing food to Israeli army killed by mortar fire.

July 16: Hamas and Israel agree to temporary five hour humanitarian ceasefire. Hamas offers 10-years ceasefire under conditions (prisoner release, relaxing of the embargo).

July 18: First Israeli soldier killed.

July 19: Four more Israeli soldiers killed. Bedouin civilian killed by rocket fire in Bedouin village not protected by Iron Dome.

July 20: Thirteen Israeli soldiers killed. Israel unilaterally declares two hour humanitarian ceasefire. Israel cancels two hour humanitarian ceasefire after one hour. Gaza death toll at 436, 70% civilians. Two dead Israeli civilians.

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Life in Gaza

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